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Corinne Rogero · Duly Noted. ·

I first met Corinne in Death Valley National Park back in April. I’ve linked to her writing once before. Surprisingly, while only having met her twice, I’ve followed her writing online and enjoyed reading her musings. She made a strong positive impression on me.

While not normally something I would link to, Corinne just posted about her engagement in a well written piece. Congratulations Corinne! I wish you and Brian all the best!

I’m getting married March 11, 2017 to a man I’ve known for just over two months.

It doesn’t make sense to some people, but to the people who have watched it unfold from the front row, it came as little to no surprise.

A lot of you have wondered the back story, and so for those of you up in the nosebleeds, here’s Brian’s and my take on how it all happened: