Privacy Policy

Last updated September 6, 2022

Tracking Code

I use a service called Google Analytics to track how people interact with my website. The service tracks things like:

  • What pages you visit – This tells me if anything I’ve posted here is popular, or even read for that matter.
  • Where you came from. For example, you may have landed on this site by searching for it using DuckDuckGo
  • When you arrived and how long you spend on a page – This tells me what time of day people visit the site and how valuable (in terms of time its worth to you) the things I’ve written are. Low numbers mean people don’t spend any time reading what I wrote. High numbers (hopefully) mean people are engaged and enjoying something I wrote.

Additionally, this server is running Apache and, like all web servers, it captures your IP address, the pages you visit, and time stamps associated with the pages you visit. However reading Apache logs isn’t easy (I’d love it if you have a suggestion for a good Apache log parsing tool).

Personal Information

If you choose to send me an email I’ll receive whatever information you choose to send my way.