June 2018 Articles

In basic terms, a team of scientists from Harvard University and the company Carbon Engineering have developed and prototyped a process to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. That’s pretty cool. However it doesn’t necessarily address climate change because it’s not a carbon capture technology (the fuel that is made from the carbon capture process is designed to be burned/used).

The lead author of the study that presented these findings, David Keith notes “it [is] important to still stop emitting carbon-dioxide pollution where feasible. ‘My view is we should stick to trying to cut emissions first. As a voter, my view is itÂ’s cheaper not to emit a ton of [carbon dioxide] than it is to emit it and recapture it.’”

That or we need to develop a market mechanism that encourages companies like Carbon Engineering to capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and prevent it from returning to the atmosphere (e.g. store it).

Great primer from Benedict Evans on how to think about Machine Learning.