One fascinating aspect of Snapchat, it’s designed for privacy. They don’t track or target users like Facebook or Google. The app is designed to be private. And their CEO is an interesting guy.

All of this stems from Snapchat’s product, which works differently from everything that came before it. Private messages self-destruct after they’re read. Users film and watch videos vertically, not horizontally, because it’s the same way they actually hold their phones. Publishers and brands are lined up around the block to give Snapchat their content, which won’t even drive traffic back to their own website – there’s no way for them to link back out of the app.

Unlike, say, Facebook, which knows as much about you as some of your closest friends, Snapchat doesn’t ask you to tell it everything about yourself, and it doesn’t follow you around the internet to collect your data. As a result, it’s not targeting you with the very personal ads that Facebook is known for and Spiegel thinks are “creepy.” (More on that soon.)