Michael E. Kirkpatrick · The Atlantic Cities ·

More Than Half of America’s Rivers Are Very Polluted

“A new report by the Environmental Protection Agency found that the majority of rivers and streams in this country can’t support healthy aquatic life and the trend is going in the wrong direction. The report labels 55 percent of the nation’s water ways as being in ‘poor’ condition and another 23 percent as just ‘fair.’ Only 21 percent of rivers are considered ‘good’ and ‘healthy biological communities.’ Even worse, the number of rivers and streams that qualify as ‘good’ went down seven percent between 2004 and 2009.”

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The Great Georgia-Tennessee Border War of 2013

“Historians, take note: On this day, which is not a day in 1732, a boundary dispute between two Southern states took a turn for the wet. In a two-page resolution passed overwhelmingly by the state senate, Georgia declared that it, not its neighbor to the north, controls part of the Tennessee River at Nickajack. Georgia doesn’t want Nickajack. It wants that water.”

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