It’s Okay →

Clearleft ·

From Clearleft:

It hasn’t been easy, working in lockdown and juggling family life, client projects and everything else in between. So we wanted to say…

It’s OK.

…to turn your camera off if you want to. …to turn off Slack for a few hours. …not to respond to Slack messages immediately. …to use Slack calls over video calls. …if your pets/kids/partners are wandering around in the background. …to step away from a call if your delivery arrives. …to do excercise or go for a walk during the day. …to take a nap in the afternoon. …to feel like you’re not being as productive as normal. …to work asynchronously if your project can handle it. …to ask for a phone call instead of a video call. …to say you’ve had too many video calls and need a break. …to say you need some down-time. …to take a mental health day if you need one.

…to say you’re not OK.