It’s hard to believe that the President of the United States seems to be exempt from accountability. The only accountability seems to be whether or not he gets re-elected. Why is that? Government has other checks and balances, and has certainly stymied some of his goals and objectives. But my question is this, do we allow the behavior and actions we’ve seen from President Trump to go without consequences? Do we allow anyone who becomes President of the United States to act as he has acted in the future? I hope not.

I resonated with this quote from Tom Nichols that Gruber pulled from Twitter:

But there’s an argument, internal to us, that Trump should be impeached as a lesson in civics, as a reminder that trashing the rule of law and discarding your oath is not cost-free. That’s a political question. Until now, I’ve said it’s probably a bad idea for the Dems.

But political expediency is a bad idea too. At some point, not impeaching means that nothing matters in our constitutional life, and that nothing ever will matter. Impeachment, if it follows a careful rollout and debate, can negate that legacy.

And maybe, years from now, what we need is an asterisk in the history books that says: “There was a penalty for violating the oath of office, and engaging in these high crimes. And President Trump survived due only to the corruption of a single party.”