Long Beach Beer Lab is going to be an exciting new spot for beer lovers in Long Beach. I happen to have a personal connection to the brewery — I swim on a masters swim team at Belmont Plaza with the brewers wife, Harmony Fried. Her husband, Levi, has been homebrewing for years and is now taking his venture public.

Levi isn’t someone who brews occasionally; he loves brewing and is highly invested in beer and the art of making it. When I first met him — he’s a M.D. PhD by training — he recounted working in the pharmaceuticals industry and being tired of always having to throw his chemistry concoctions down the sink. If he was going to be doing chemistry, why not be able to sample your results?

They will be bringing Long Beach Beer Lab to life in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach just off the corner of Magnolia and Willow. I recently had the opportunity to visit the site of the brewery — it’s currently under construction — and take some photographs.

If there’s one thing I can guarantee you; you will not want to miss out on sampling either Levi’s beers or Harmony’s sourdough and cooking. It’s sure to be a hot spot.