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Randall Munroe · xkcd ·

A web comic that I love; all about the James Webb Space Telescope. I worked as part of the JWST team at Northrop Grumman for five years and know folks who will be operating the telescope (mentioned in the comic) and who are working on a starshade. Super cool!

BRUNETTE: Space telescopes could see exoplanets better if they used free-floating opaque discs to block the star’s glare.

BRUNETTE: They thought about including one with the Webb Telescope, but cut it to save money.

BLOND: Well…does it have to be their disc?

BRUNETTE: What do you mean?

BLOND: Like if I Kickstart a starshade for them.

BRUNETTE: Um. Would you at least warn them?

BLONDE: Eh. Whatever.

[Scene: NASA, 2018]

MALE OPERATOR: Initiating Webb calibrat…

AAAAA! What the hell is that!?

FEMALE OPERATOR: Hey look, exoplanets!

Hover Text: The New Worlds Mission is already trying to get funding for this, but NASA sponsored their proposal, so it will be hard to catch the telescope people by surprise with it.