Climate Change is Real

Michael E. Kirkpatrick ·

Jimmy Kimmel just did a 7 minute segment on his program Sunday night about climate change. The headline: “Climate scientists ask Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Why would we f*ck with you?’” Watch it.

My alma mater, UC San Diego, studies climate change. Charles Keeling, of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography began taking readings of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii starting in 1958. His research and findings are credited with bringing the worlds attention to the issue of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Read more about the Keeling curve.

NASA, our national space science body, has a website devoted to Global Climate Change. They cover the evidence, causes, effects, and solutions to climate change.

A friend of mine from college works for a trust in Zambia. They are a “majority African-owned social enterprise that develops and manages long-term forest carbon projects in globally significant biodiversity landscapes in Africa”. In other words, they are fighting to combat climate change through reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+).

Our leading presidential candidate in the Republican Party believes climate change is a hoax.

Our leading presidential candidate in the Democratic Party put a webpage together about her commitment to fighting climate change.

Shankar Vedantam of NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast just did an episode on climate change titled Losing Alaska. “Human beings would be better at fighting climate change if we weren’t so, well, human. In this episode, we explore the psychological barriers to addressing climate change.”

Please join me in recognizing that climate change is real and a preponderance of the evidence points to human causes. And if you’re like me, maybe it’s time to quit your day job an figure out how we’re going to leave this planet in a better situation than we find it today.