Reeves Wiedman does a great job giving a little peek behind the curtain of how the New York Times gets made. From printing, to editing decisions and digital editions, it’s an around the clock, multi-faceted effort.

Tonight, like every weeknight, the plant will print more than 300,000 copies–double that on the weekend–which by 3:25 a.m. have to be loaded onto dozens of trucks. The straight trucks, which are already at the loading docks, can fit eight pallets each, holding a total of 14,000 individual copies. The trailer trucks carry twenty-four pallets, a load of 50,000 copies. The trucks will make about eighty departures from the plant by tomorrow morning, fanning out to other distribution points, from which the copies will be delivered to grocery stores, bodegas, office buildings, and newsstands from New Haven to Albany to Trenton.