Elsie’s Hope is a fantastic new charity based out of San Francisco that is focused on providing clean drinking water to the people of Haiti. Founded by Kenzie Haygood, Elsie’s Hope plans to visit Haiti annually to install filters in local communities. The beauty is that these water filters are cheap, only $150. And filters will last Haitian families ten years before requiring replacement. Named in honor of Kenzie’s grandmother, Elsie L. Haygood Cooper, Elsie’s Hope will continue her devotion to philanthropy and public service and specifically to the effort of bringing clean water to communities in need.

A donation of $20 a month will buy about two filters per year or you can give in a non-recurring manor, both via their website. Elsie’s Hope is a newly recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation here in California.

For more, visit Elsie’s Hope online. And for the more adventurous, consider joining Elsie’s Hope for their first trip to Haiti coming up in early 2015.