Two great points:

  1. “broadband capacity needs continue to increase, which requires ongoing investment” - With three options on how to fund that investment that don’t involve reversing Net Neutrality
  2. The technology industry largely goes about changing the world without regard to politics. And we are reactionary when legislation is brought forward that would handcuff us.

I care deeply about the net neutrality debate, but the reason I am writing this is my fear that what we are witnessing is the start of a pattern that will hurt tech industry in the long run. Those who are injured by the impact of technology will diligently make their case in the political realm, while we in the industry who genuinely believe we are changing the world ignore the messiness of politics. And then, suddenly, we will be blindsided again and again by unfavorable legislation or regulation, at which point we will raise a fuss, with ever decreasing effectiveness.