Sometime this past year, I ventured out for an eighteen-and-over night of dubstep.

Nights on dance oors are now rare, as I can hardly stay up past 11 pm. But my friends offered me a ticket, so I went, and drank some beers to keep myself oiled. I stood in the middle of the dance oor, amongst teenagers grinding their bodies against each other and as the bass seeped into my skin.

All I could think about was how old I felt.

But the sound…

There’s just something about dubstep. It is unlike the music I used to go out and dance to. Good dubstep wraps around you. You get lost inside it. Or, it can get lost inside you.

It morphs and shapeshifts, it clings to your body, it transforms into the moment.

This link has been posted in retrospect from a collection of articles I compiled in 2012 using the iOS app, Instapaper.