One of the best descriptions of dance I’ve read.

I stare at him as he tries to break free. He gingerly pushes his elbows out, and then freezes for a moment, before rolling his left shoulder backward and then his right shoulder backward, loosening his upper half, pushing through this gel. He crouches slightly, pushes his left knee out and then his right knee out. He repeats these leg motions faster and with more force, appearing to walk forward in place as if on a speeding conveyor belt. Suddenly, he breaks free from the sac and begins to shuf e his feet, hardly lifting them off the ground. As he glides, he pushes his open palms away from him, and then retracts, his limbs like mechanical arms returning to their original positions. He pauses for a moment, then releases and unlocks his elbows. He is methodical, like a robot.

The human body can move this way.